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Your portable bundle of clarity

My Dog Dakota at Lake Tahoe January 28


I was 22, young and dumb, so I bought a puppy. We grew up together. He saved my life, many times. He was my favorite thing, and the smartest decision I ever made. Get a dog, save a dog, he just might save you.

hemp rope bracelet December 15

Complaint Free and Be a Grape.

“Una uvam videndo varia fit” Translation: One grape ripens another I recently read a book called A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen. It’s about taking on the challenge to not have one complaint, criticism, or gossip exit our mouths… for 21 days. We can think it all we want which is a small relief because I can […]

May 02


I have too many calendars. I love them, I love planning, seeing dates, keeping track, changing the month to another beautiful picture. But I have too many. Currently I have 5 in my house. If you add my computers and phone make that 8. I use only two consistently, because well… who can use 8 […]

February 05

Now What?

We now have our goal and it’s a doozy. Now comes “The Plan.” “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential,” Winston Churchill. That means we must plan for our success and yet also realize that these plans will look very different at the end than at the beginning. We all know we have […]

elephant sepia color January 22

Let’s write one

So it’s the beginning of 2013. Goals and resolutions abound. How to make ours stand out, stand tall? How to make them stand the test of “oh my God I’m tired and its March already and I haven’t even started so why bother now, let’s just wait until next year. It wasn’t really that important […]

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo Texas December 18

Goals have a foundation

So now we know what we want more than air. Kate’s Goals 2013: 1. Finish my book. 2. Teach writing. 3. Travel to three places. 4. Accept what is. 5. Be bold. 6. Be present. 7. Listen. I know my goals. Now I need to build my foundation. A great question to answer in 2013 […]

Goals and Socrates

It’s December (duh) and the years end is fast approaching. 2013 will be born soon and with it many hopes, dreams, and goals that each of us yearns to see come to fruition. It is the same every January. A good time for a fresh start, we think. I know. The first of the year […]

November 28

Moving: one reason i like where i live

Moving is hard. Even moving for all the right reasons. Something makes me grateful every. single. day. that I moved close to my family. I am lucky. But new is hard. New routes, new people, new stores, new weather. The list is long. It’s easy not to like anything about a new place. At first.  So […]

Special Order

There’s a lot of pressure this time of year. As women we compare ourselves to the “perfect woman” in our head. We don’t know what she looks like. We don’t know who she is. We just know we can’t quite measure up. But what if we were special ordered? What if someone walked into a […]

October 30

Age is just a number

Four and a half was significant. The first thing I ever remember about my life is skipping around my house, in and out of the sunny kitchen, asking my mom a question as she sat on her stool at her small kitchen desk. It is vivid in my mind: her back was to me, left […]

October 23

What I learned from Chuck Yeager

In June of 2011 I went to see Chuck Yeager speak at the McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento. There was just a small crowd of us gathered on folding chairs assembled together in front of a legend at the Aerospace Museum. Chuck Yeager is 89 years old. He still flies jets however is required […]

6 Words. Six.

There are approximately a quarter of a million distinct words in the English Language. Thank you kindly Oxford English Dictionary. Different words have climbed my mental ladder at different times in my life, subsequently fallen off the top rung when their particular magic has been used up and new words for new challenges are needed. Lucky was […]