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Headed out with Pack January 18

Packing for Adventure

Are you an over packer? Or are you an “under-packer”? A classic question, and the answer is one I struggle with All The Time because I am a notorious over packer. Yes, yes I am. I hate it, I hate being that girl, but admit it I must. I am the one you see struggling […]

Picture of Felicity Aston June 03

Meet Felicity Aston

“Why is such a short, easy three letter word but so difficult to answer.” ~Felicity Aston     Felicity Aston is a polar explorer, to name just one of her adventurous pursuits.   On her list of credits she has:   Successfully trained a group of international women, some of whom had never seen snow […]

This is Corey. He makes Sweetgrass Baskets. September 01

Gullah and Beautiful Charleston

This is Corey Alston. He makes Gullah Sweetgrass Baskets. He’s from Charleston, South Carolina. Corey isn’t just a “Basket Guy at the Market”. He has a message. Just like all of us do, or least I hope we all do. It’s the message that we find ourselves telling people; about life, about love, about history, […]

me, my cousin, and courtney at thanksgiving day turkey trot 5k February 20

What Really Happened at the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot…

I have travelled to Africa, climbed a mountain, driven across Europe and the United States. I have ran three half-marathons and yet the local 5k foiled me. Here’s to the days we make a mistake, feel like a dummy, and have an adventure. There’s a lesson in here somewhere…but I say just watch the movie […]

Kilimanjaro October 16


It was a misty morning at the Marangu gate. The starting point of one of the five different trails that lead up Mt. Kilimanjaro. We choose a trail that had the highest percentage of success and longer than average length to assist with acclimatization-the Machame route.  We met our gregarious guide Zawadi, his name meaning […]

This is not a freaking dress rehearsal

He called it the Death March. Most of the group we were with agreed. I stayed silent, happier than I had been in a long time. I was in love. In love with the mud, the rain, the discomfort, with the feeling that I was strong, the knowing I was doing something hard, and with […]

January 30


I was driving home from class one night.  Waiting to turn on the onramp my head turns to follow a cat that streaks across the road in front of me. “Feral.” I think. But it looks so small and it is headed toward the freeway. An odd behavior for smart ferals that live in the […]

Instrument training over Tahoe August 30

Channeling Amelia

I had my third flight lesson yesterday. Mind boggling that I actually communicated with the tower, taxied and as my instructor said “that take off was 90% you.” The taxi leaves much to be desired however. I find I cause the little Cessna to swerve back and forth like a drunken sailor attempting to navigate […]