Let’s write one

So it’s the beginning of 2013. Goals and resolutions abound. How to make ours stand out, stand tall? How to make them stand the test of “oh my God I’m tired and its March already and I haven’t even started so why bother now, let’s just wait until next year. It wasn’t really that important anyway.” 

Well it IS important. It is one of the most important thing we can do for ourselves.  Set a goal and reach it. Set another. Reach that one. Teach yourself that you can, prove to yourself that you will. It is the very lack of goals and the reaching that creates a disquieting mistrust of ourselves. We walk around wanting so badly to be just a little different, to make just a few better choices, to be able to believe that what we say- we will actually do.

This is where it all starts.

Let’s build the muscles back up. The muscle of will power: I will not eat sugar today. The muscle of intention: I am a writer. The muscle of courage: I am not afraid of being tired and hungry. 

First.  Pick a loved activity. I love to write.

Second. Be specific. I will write a book.

Third.  Set a time. By 2014.

Fourth. Test the goal against your foundation and how you want to feeeeeel. I believe in effort. Writing makes me forget time. I feel empowered when I write, it’s like magic. 

Fifth. Envision. Sit down everyday and visualize how it will feel to have your goal. What it will look like. What it smells like. See who is with you, see exactly where you are and what you are doing. 5 minutes everyday. It is always the same. I am sitting at a large wood dining table. In front of me is the thick typed printed manuscript on regular paper, unbound. I stare at it and know it is done. I look up around the table and I am surrounded by the faces of my family and friends. They are there to congratulate me on my published novel. It is a party. The room is simple and spare, but it is the people and what is on the table that counts. (I haven’t figured out the smell part yet I will admit)

Sixth. Realize the obstacles. Plan like you are robbing a bank. What might happen to trip you up? Sit and think- you already know what your weaknesses are- plan a way around them now! Ahead of time. Write them down. Put it on the schedule. If you want this more than air how are you going to climb the wall that WILL appear in front of you? They always do. 

Time- where to find it? 3 days a week after boot camp I head to a coffee shop. Attach my writing to another event. I do this…then I do that… I make an appointment on that side of town an hour after boot camp is over. I do bootcamp, then I write.  I sit, have a tea, open my laptop and write. It is non-negotiable time. I stay only 40 minutes, but that is enough. 

Fear- I am no good. I join a writers group. I post excerpts on my blog. I send snippets to friends. They are my cheerleaders. You are my support. It is good. 

Fatigue- I set a timer and write for 30 minutes. Then I am done. No guilt. No frustration. It is enough.

Where from here- I research. I ask questions. I jot down ideas. I take my car rides and just think. What would my character do right now? What would she be thinking? What do I need to look up and know more of?

Accountability- I barter with another writer. She will edit my book when I am done. I help her with her social media. It is done. It is set. She is waiting. I see her reading my book. I envision it. It relieves me to know she is there. I can now focus on the task ahead. 

That’s all.


I want to write a novel more than I want air. I want to write a novel because it makes me feel like magic, and I want to feel that way as much as I can. I will write and publish this novel by 2014. I have a plan, I have cheerleaders, I have ways to find answers, and I have help. I have a vision and I see that vision everyday.

MY GOAL: I will have a published novel by 2014.

Do you feel that? That’s the magic of the universe stirring. It’s coming my way. I can feel it.


What are your goals for 2013? Have you set any lately? Given up on resolutions? Tell me how you set your goals- do you do things similar like I’ve written in this post? I’d really love to know.