6 Words. Six.

There are approximately a quarter of a million distinct words in the English Language. Thank you kindly Oxford English Dictionary.

Different words have climbed my mental ladder at different times in my life, subsequently fallen off the top rung when their particular magic has been used up and new words for new challenges are needed.

Lucky was king of the word pile a few years ago. I used this word often when mom was sick. I would lay in my sleeping bag, close my eyes tight and whisper over and over: “I am lucky I am lucky I am lucky I am lucky I am lucky.” It worked. Each and every time. The hospice nurse would show up to help, one of her friends would stop by and make her smile, she would eat something that day and I would feel ok for a minute of time.

Strong pushed ahead to lead the pack last year.  Training for my first half marathon, and then my second, annnnd then my third. It never got any easier, but the mental drill instructor showed up more clear and more often. “You are strong!” She would shout at me and I believed her. I believed her and I kept my feet on the road as the hours passed.

Forward moved to the top in an unexpected word coup just six months ago. Applying to grad school, remodeling my kitchen and backyard, packing a decade into boxes to move out of state all in a three months span, “forward motion” and its ally “keep going” were my repeated mantra until I could stop and fall down to rest for the night.

I am reading a book The Charge and now I have six new words.

Who do I know I am as I move through this world? I am smart. I am brave. I am loved. Smart because I will adapt and overcome. Brave because I will do the things that make me afraid. Loved because I have all that I could ever need.

Who do I know I am as I meet others? I am charming. I am empathetic. I am impact. Charming because I enjoy you. Empathetic because I feel for you. Impact because you won’t forget.

Recipe: Ingredients- smart, brave, loved, charming, empathetic, impact. Mix and repeat. Over and over and over again.

Who do you want to be as you move through the world and meet its people? Out of 250,000 words which do YOU choose? I’d love to know! Share with me below this post.

Maybe I’ll steal them the next time around…