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April 14

My Writing Process: Blog Tour

I would like to thank Lynn Wiese Sneyd for inviting me to participate in my first ever blog tour! Lynn’s most recent work The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the WIld Mustangs was co authored with H. Alan Day. Lynn is “all about books an authors” as she runs her own company LWS Literary Services helping […]

April 01

It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late to Start Writing.        Writers are like flowers. Okay, so that sounds a little cheesy, a little Wordsworthian, but it’s true. Some flowers bloom early, others bloom on time, and then there are those that bloom late. Yet no matter when those blooms appear, they are brilliant, gorgeous and […]

May 30

Third Place

I have a goal, to enter one writing contest a month. So far I have entered two this year, but hey that’s a start. I entered a short essay for the California Writers Club contest last month and won third place. Won 25 bucks too…I think I’ll buy me a frozen yogurt. Truthfully I won […]

me, my cousin, and courtney at thanksgiving day turkey trot 5k February 20

What Really Happened at the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot…

I have travelled to Africa, climbed a mountain, driven across Europe and the United States. I have ran three half-marathons and yet the local 5k foiled me. Here’s to the days we make a mistake, feel like a dummy, and have an adventure. There’s a lesson in here somewhere…but I say just watch the movie […]

My Relationship with Food

I have a strange relationship with food. As a kid and young adult I struggled with hypoglycemia.  It ran in my family and a common sentence uttered in the household was: “Mom, you’re being ditzy, you need to eat.” Out would come a protein bar or squished string cheese from the depths of her purse. […]

An excerpt from my novel: Seraphine

Seraphine Macguire is a demon hunter, but she doesn’t know it yet. I hope you enjoy the excerpt from my novel. Please comment below and tell me what you think! * Diego saw it first. In the half-light between dusk and dark, lit slightly by the pool of soft light from the street lamps that […]

fat blasting circuit October 02

Boot Camp

She left me. My workout partner that is. She left to go back to college – sheesh – of all things.  Yet I remain.  The snooze gets hits a little more often, I arrive to my workout a few minutes later most days. But she left me with the habit, thank God, so I keep […]

September 10

Book Launch

I was encouraged to post this video of the book launch. The authors who wanted too were able to read their stories in front of an audience. It was an exciting and nerve wracking experience! My reading is just under 10 minutes long so if you have a free moment take a peek. Let me […]

Running Anchorage half marathon April 27

Running is hard

Running is hard. Repeat after me, running is hard. Now tell my coach because he doesn’t seem to believe me. Running hurts. My knee hurts, my ankle hurts, my feet hurt and surprisingly my shoulder likes to hurt too.  The original excitement that accompanied most prior workouts seems to have vanished.  I must have hit […]