February 01

We are All Intrepid Women

I was voxing with a friend the other day. My friend and I jib jabbed about our days’, and then she started telling me about a class that was impressing her on a deep level. In the class they were learning about a woman, Mary Parker Follett, who transformed working conditions for the working class. […]

Headed out with Pack January 18

Packing for Adventure

Are you an over packer? Or are you an “under-packer”? A classic question, and the answer is one I struggle with All The Time because I am a notorious over packer. Yes, yes I am. I hate it, I hate being that girl, but admit it I must. I am the one you see struggling […]

June 13

A Polar Explorer Talks About “Making Progress”

Is there a secret to motivation? I sure wish there was don’t you? Maybe a secret trick: do A then B then C and voila, you shall be motivated!   I vehemently wished for this answer a few days ago as I sat in the Ford Canyon trailhead parking lot totally demotivated to hike for […]

Picture of Felicity Aston June 03

Meet Felicity Aston

“Why is such a short, easy three letter word but so difficult to answer.” ~Felicity Aston     Felicity Aston is a polar explorer, to name just one of her adventurous pursuits.   On her list of credits she has:   Successfully trained a group of international women, some of whom had never seen snow […]

April 14

My Writing Process: Blog Tour

I would like to thank Lynn Wiese Sneyd for inviting me to participate in my first ever blog tour! Lynn’s most recent work The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the WIld Mustangs was co authored with H. Alan Day. Lynn is “all about books an authors” as she runs her own company LWS Literary Services helping […]

April 01

It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late to Start Writing.        Writers are like flowers. Okay, so that sounds a little cheesy, a little Wordsworthian, but it’s true. Some flowers bloom early, others bloom on time, and then there are those that bloom late. Yet no matter when those blooms appear, they are brilliant, gorgeous and […]

My Dog Dakota at Lake Tahoe January 28


I was 22, young and dumb, so I bought a puppy. We grew up together. He saved my life, many times. He was my favorite thing, and the smartest decision I ever made. Get a dog, save a dog, he just might save you.

hemp rope bracelet December 15

Complaint Free and Be a Grape.

“Una uvam videndo varia fit” Translation: One grape ripens another I recently read a book called A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen. It’s about taking on the challenge to not have one complaint, criticism, or gossip exit our mouths… for 21 days. We can think it all we want which is a small relief because I can […]

This is Corey. He makes Sweetgrass Baskets. September 01

Gullah and Beautiful Charleston

This is Corey Alston. He makes Gullah Sweetgrass Baskets. He’s from Charleston, South Carolina. Corey isn’t just a “Basket Guy at the Market”. He has a message. Just like all of us do, or least I hope we all do. It’s the message that we find ourselves telling people; about life, about love, about history, […]

May 30

Third Place

I have a goal, to enter one writing contest a month. So far I have entered two this year, but hey that’s a start. I entered a short essay for the California Writers Club contest last month and won third place. Won 25 bucks too…I think I’ll buy me a frozen yogurt. Truthfully I won […]

May 02


I have too many calendars. I love them, I love planning, seeing dates, keeping track, changing the month to another beautiful picture. But I have too many. Currently I have 5 in my house. If you add my computers and phone make that 8. I use only two consistently, because well… who can use 8 […]

me, my cousin, and courtney at thanksgiving day turkey trot 5k February 20

What Really Happened at the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot…

I have travelled to Africa, climbed a mountain, driven across Europe and the United States. I have ran three half-marathons and yet the local 5k foiled me. Here’s to the days we make a mistake, feel like a dummy, and have an adventure. There’s a lesson in here somewhere…but I say just watch the movie […]