Goals have a foundation

So now we know what we want more than air.

Kate’s Goals 2013:

1. Finish my book.

2. Teach writing.

3. Travel to three places.

4. Accept what is.

5. Be bold.

6. Be present.

7. Listen.

I know my goals. Now I need to build my foundation. A great question to answer in 2013 is “what is my philosophy?” “What is the philosophy of my family?” A philosophy or even Manifesto if you will is what will be the guide in making decisions as we head toward our goals. It will be used and applied to every task, every job undertaken. There will be many hurdles that will test this foundation, but if we have our basic concepts nailed down, if we hold to them, then we are always moving on the right path even if it is really, really slow.

My Manifesto: Go here to check it out.

(please excuse the site is still under construction)

So that is my guide. Let’s try it out on goal #1.  Finish my book.

I am currently on Chapter 19. My hurdle: understanding religious philosophy enough to apply to my heroine and her fight with the demons. Frustrating and time consuming. My answer: I love the search. It’s not frustrating it’s interesting. It’s time well spent to learn and grow. These things are very important to me. They fill me up and make me who I am. There it is: relief. It feels SO much better, and now I carve out time to research.

Goal #3: Travel to three places.

I am currently working with Allegra Stein on figuring out: if/when/how    I    could/should/would   travel to Nepal and Everest Base Camp. It’s a daunting trip. One that I have mentally scrapped many times. My hurdle: It sounds really, really, really hard. (and cold I might add) My answer: I am an adventure writer. This is what.I.DO. I love thinking about bringing back beautiful ideas, photos, stories to share. That’s it. I’m In. Ok…that was a little fast… well Allegra is going to help me with the rest of it.

Some ideas on how to get to the bottom of your philosophy:

1. write out what you value.

2. jot down some quotes from those who inspire you. the ones you carry around or have memorized.

3. what do you really truly believe in?

4. think of your legacy. what would you want to leave behind?

5. if you could tell your children one thing, just ONE thing to live by, what would it be.

6. what get’s you out of bed in the morning?

7. if you could do one thing to make your life better what would it be?

8. what would you protect with your life?

9. what would you shout out on the rooftops for everyone to hear about life and love because you know it’s true?

I downloaded this chapter from brandcampblog for free and it got me started. Go here to try it out. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to answer the questions on the way to your goals.

There we go. Page one of your goal binder ready to go.

my goalbinder. ready to be updated for 2013!

my goalbinder. ready to be updated for 2013!


So share with me Your philosophy and foundation. Tell me if this helped or you already had it nailed down! I’d really love to hear. Thank you so much for reading and subscribing in 2012. I look forward to continuing to post and get a lot more feedback in 2013!