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My Dog Dakota at Lake Tahoe January 28


I was 22, young and dumb, so I bought a puppy. We grew up together. He saved my life, many times. He was my favorite thing, and the smartest decision I ever made. Get a dog, save a dog, he just might save you.

hemp rope bracelet December 15

Complaint Free and Be a Grape.

“Una uvam videndo varia fit” Translation: One grape ripens another I recently read a book called A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen. It’s about taking on the challenge to not have one complaint, criticism, or gossip exit our mouths… for 21 days. We can think it all we want which is a small relief because I can […]

This is Corey. He makes Sweetgrass Baskets. September 01

Gullah and Beautiful Charleston

This is Corey Alston. He makes Gullah Sweetgrass Baskets. He’s from Charleston, South Carolina. Corey isn’t just a “Basket Guy at the Market”. He has a message. Just like all of us do, or least I hope we all do. It’s the message that we find ourselves telling people; about life, about love, about history, […]