Moving: one reason i like where i live

Moving is hard. Even moving for all the right reasons. Something makes me grateful every. single. day. that I moved close to my family. I am lucky. But new is hard. New routes, new people, new stores, new weather. The list is long. It’s easy not to like anything about a new place. At first. 

So I find places of my own.

I happened to move near White Tank Mountains. 15 minutes drive to hike, explore, and possibly die of thirst in the summertime…just what this girl needs to feel at home.

It’s not my river trail at home, there is no water, there are no real trees. But the rock formations are big and beautiful and make me feel small. The lack of water makes me self reliant. The Brittlebrush bloom with bright yellow flowers that make me appreciate beauty in survival. The quiet desolation makes me turn inward where all my answers are. The oddly shaped Saguaro Cacti make me smile. The fact there is no homeless camp for miles makes me feel safe.

I bought a yearly pass and now I have a place I like in this new place of mine.

Check it out: 

What places do YOU have? Share with me some of your favorite places at home!