Monthly Archives: October 2012

October 30

Age is just a number

Four and a half was significant. The first thing I ever remember about my life is skipping around my house, in and out of the sunny kitchen, asking my mom a question as she sat on her stool at her small kitchen desk. It is vivid in my mind: her back was to me, left […]

October 23

What I learned from Chuck Yeager

In June of 2011 I went to see Chuck Yeager speak at the McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento. There was just a small crowd of us gathered on folding chairs assembled together in front of a legend at the Aerospace Museum. Chuck Yeager is 89 years old. He still flies jets however is required […]

Kilimanjaro October 16


It was a misty morning at the Marangu gate. The starting point of one of the five different trails that lead up Mt. Kilimanjaro. We choose a trail that had the highest percentage of success and longer than average length to assist with acclimatization-the Machame route.  We met our gregarious guide Zawadi, his name meaning […]

6 Words. Six.

There are approximately a quarter of a million distinct words in the English Language. Thank you kindly Oxford English Dictionary. Different words have climbed my mental ladder at different times in my life, subsequently fallen off the top rung when their particular magic has been used up and new words for new challenges are needed. Lucky was […]

fat blasting circuit October 02

Boot Camp

She left me. My workout partner that is. She left to go back to college – sheesh – of all things.  Yet I remain.  The snooze gets hits a little more often, I arrive to my workout a few minutes later most days. But she left me with the habit, thank God, so I keep […]