fat blasting circuit October 02

Boot Camp

She left me. My workout partner that is. She left to go back to college – sheesh – of all things.  Yet I remain.  The snooze gets hits a little more often, I arrive to my workout a few minutes later most days. But she left me with the habit, thank God, so I keep going.  The other women are there waiting. Not waiting for me exactly, we all wait for each other, its 5:30 am boot camp class.

I convinced my 19 year old cousin visiting for the summer to sign up with me.  Boot camp workouts, five days a week for one month. No one else was crazy enough to agree much less come through.  Ahhh family.  One of the best workout partners to have.  They’ll still love you when you sweat all over their car seat, they’ll still talk to you in the pre-sunrise dark of brutal early morning wake ups, they’ll still forgive you for not brushing your teeth because you hit snooze…again.

The alarm. I stumble over and pause my hand hovering over the little snooze bar.  So tempting. So lovely.  Nine beautiful golden minutes.  Tap. It is done.

“Dah dah dah dum,” the alarm jingles out.  “What??” I think, “that was just five seconds. There is NO Way that was nine minutes.  No freakin’ way.”  My Iphone must be malfunctioning.  I squint at the laser beam bright: 4:44am.  Crap, time to hustle.

There is no welcoming light from the other end of the house. No sleepy faced pal stumbling out of her room. My workout partner left me, but because of her I remain, and I go. Every.  Single.  Day.

Who is your workout partner? How does she (or he)  help you?  Leave a comment below and give her a shout out for all the times she’s come through, all the times she dragged you outside to do something painful and something difficult.  For all the times we will forget to thank her later when we start to see a long forgotten muscle pop out, when we wear a top that looks that much better from our efforts, when we smile cuz we just feel good.

If you don’t have a workout partner leave me a note anyway! Tell me how you do it, what motivates you as we bow to your singular strength and hope to be like you someday.

Rock on bootcampers, rock on. Check out my short vid of pre-bootcamp morning below.