Monthly Archives: September 2012

This is not a freaking dress rehearsal

He called it the Death March. Most of the group we were with agreed. I stayed silent, happier than I had been in a long time. I was in love. In love with the mud, the rain, the discomfort, with the feeling that I was strong, the knowing I was doing something hard, and with […]

Permission to Rest

I vacuumed around the dog today. A steady stream of frustration walked itself across my brain like lyrics to a song titled: “Kate’s life is hardest.” I Hate repetitive chores pretty much the most. My way of thinking is I just vacuumed last week that should hold me till… next year right? Nope, maybe a […]

September 10

Book Launch

I was encouraged to post this video of the book launch. The authors who wanted too were able to read their stories in front of an audience. It was an exciting and nerve wracking experience! My reading is just under 10 minutes long so if you have a free moment take a peek. Let me […]