Instrument training over Tahoe August 30

Channeling Amelia

I had my third flight lesson yesterday. Mind boggling that I actually communicated with the tower, taxied and as my instructor said “that take off was 90% you.” The taxi leaves much to be desired however. I find I cause the little Cessna to swerve back and forth like a drunken sailor attempting to navigate the yellow line. I imagine those looking out the tower windows, or waiting to takeoff/land, are chuckling madly at the new girl trying to learn. But none the less, it is just about the coolest experience I have ever had. ME, flying a plane.

The hurdle. There always is one you know. I am actually color blind. I have a red/green deficiency. It is rare and even rarer in women only .5% of the population having this genetic condition. This precludes me from many career choices such as law enforcement as well as, you guessed it, being a pilot. All I have to do is pass the color test, with more than half right and I will be fit for a class 3 medical able to fly with no restrictions- private pilot that is. My instructor did some research and found out some information about it all. It was a good refresh of what I already knew and also some new details on the testing process for pilots. I was armed with information.

I arrive for my FAA medical oddly nervous about something that I cannot change. No amount of studying or preparation could get me an “A” on this test. Yet how I wished it could be different. I thought, “maybe all this time my eyes aren’t as bad as I thought!” “Maybe those green cars that look black actually were black! Maybe I failed that stupid biology lab- where we had to correctly identify colors of the fly eye’s- for a different reason!”

Not so fast. I missed 12 out of 14. Yep. The doctor was very nice as he dashed my hopes into the ground. However all was not lost! I was restricted to daytime flying only, and if I could demonstrate in the field that I could see the colors of different landing lights appropriately then I could be cleared from any restriction.

So flight number four September 6th. Im not looking forward to practicing stalls…