This is not a freaking dress rehearsal

He called it the Death March. Most of the group we were with agreed. I stayed silent, happier than I had been in a long time.

I was in love. In love with the mud, the rain, the discomfort, with the feeling that I was strong, the knowing I was doing something hard, and with the deserving of the warm shower at the end of it all.

Most of all I loved being far away, seeing places that it seemed very few had ever seen.

Nothing really compares to the “hard” making the “easy” feel good again. Making the simple into something rich. The only problem is you have to go through the hard to get there…no way around that.

I sit here as I write this in my comfortable chair, wearing clean clothes, with ice cubes in my glass and I wonder: who is that girl? Is she still me? Or is she some hidden alter ego, a phase in my journey of  life, never to return?

I find a journal entry. Titled: To the Girl in the Photo.

To the girl in the photo. You are me. Remember how strong you are. You look…fascinating. Conquerer of all who stand in your way. Remember what you want to do and who you want to be. Girl in the photo you are loved. You are loved by many, it is enough. Baby girl always love yourself. It is time. It is YOUR time. You can reach out and grab it. It is there. 

You are courageous. Resilient. Water. Bendable and fluid. Time to ante up and carve through those mountains.  The horses of Neptune…What if Neptune was a woman? 

This is not a dress rehearsal.  I’m going to be the girl in the photo and this is my story.  What’s my next adventure? What’s YOURS?

We all have one. That nugget of an adventure waiting inside.  Doesn’t have to be far, doesn’t have to be big, it just has to BE.  Dying to find a way to make your’s real? Go here:  Can’t wait to find out what your next adventure actually IS? Go here: She will fill you with fuel and help you create your map. Just try it. Just Click  and in five minutes that seed of yours will start to grow..and you will find yourself inspired. Then come back and tell me about it! Where will your adventure take YOU?

Get dirty folks. It’s time.

Check out the full video of  my adventure below.