February 01

We are All Intrepid Women

I was voxing with a friend the other day.

My friend and I jib jabbed about our days’, and then she started telling me about a class that was impressing her on a deep level. In the class they were learning about a woman, Mary Parker Follett, who transformed working conditions for the working class.

My friend: “I loved learning about this because a) she’s female, b) she’s super fucking smart and had the best idea out of all the theories, and c) women are rad.”

Women are rad.

We are!!

That’s what this blog is all about. Intrepid Women Being Rad. Yes, all caps for emphasis.

A few days ago my sister emailed me an article with the words, “this could be you!”

Some background: I have a postcard my sister sent me prior to my trip to the Galapagos Islands I believe, that says something like, “Excited to hear about your adventure – I’ll be on the patio drinking wine!”  She loves to hear the stories, but is very happy staying home. When I hear stories of others’ adventures I start to get the itchy sense of envy that drives me to plan my next one.

The article my sister emailed me was about Mira Rai, a woman who has become one of the first Nepali women ultra distance trail runners, and she is winning races, 80km races in the mountains, all over the world. Mira Rai is National Geographic’s Woman adventurer of the year. Read more about this Intrepid Woman here.

What is so lovely (and the reason why every woman is an Intrepid Woman) is the fact that I can barely run a mile. I have travelled some and adventured a little bit more, but my sister sees me as a peer to Mira Rai. Not because of her running, but because of her spirit.

Because of her  spirit. And mine.

We are all Intrepid Women, and we are rad.


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