Monthly Archives: August 2010

Instrument training over Tahoe August 30

Channeling Amelia

I had my third flight lesson yesterday. Mind boggling that I actually communicated with the tower, taxied and as my instructor said “that take off was 90% you.” The taxi leaves much to be desired however. I find I cause the little Cessna to swerve back and forth like a drunken sailor attempting to navigate […]

stairway to hell

Yesterday was a big day. I am an avid exerciser. Well…honestly I just want to be fit, look good in a dress and be able to drink beer and eat cheese. But I say whatever gets us to the gym. My nemesis: the stair climber machine. The one where the stairs sorta roll out of […]

An unexpectedly scary adventure

So. I must begin by catching everyone up to date. I have a long list of “to-do’s/want to do’s/have to do’s” for this year ahead of me. With no particular regard to any order I jumped in and purely due to scheduling the first on the list was- SCUBA! I was going to get my […]