A Writer

So. I signed up. To write. A novel. In a month. This next month to be exact. It’s called Nanowrimo. http://www.nanowrimo.org/ Writing starts midnight November 1st, and pencils down…or computers shut midnight on November 30th. 50,000 words. Now, if anyone has the time to do this it would be me- owner/operator of project deadbeat.  Yet its not that simple is it? The brain manages to create all sorts of roadblocks that one must  hurdle themselves over, like 6ft walls. You can go to the website to watch the word count grow…or not grow as the case may be.

This has been one of those weeks. Where nothing goes right and it feels like nothing will go right ever again. Im sitting here drinking Limoncello, I don’t even like Limoncello, but it reminds me of good meals and good company in Italy and sometimes that is enough.

This week I discovered a new song called “This Woman’s Work” by an artist that I cannot say her name because it sounds vulgar especially coming from me. So I will leave it to you to google it and laugh.  Anyway, Greg Laswell also does a really great cover of this song.  So I listen to this sad song and cry.  I made a stew you see. A really fantastic chicken stew. It serves 8. At least. It looks like it might serve 12. But its just me and my dog here and I wonder sometimes if I will ever have a reason to cook a stew that serves 8 and actually need it to. I listen to the song and drink Limoncello and contemplate this.

I fly tomorrow. Its getting kinda real, meaning this is no bullshit stuff this learning how to fly a plane. I asked my instructor the other day, “how many times have I almost killed us?” I took his long laughter as a heartening sign.

Im supposed to be learning on my computer at home the ground school portion of this new skill.  I procrastinated. Finally discovered I needed Windows to run the program. As a Mac girl this was annoying to say the least. With some help and advice I researched how I run windows on my Mac. I bought my upgrade OS- twice. It never showed up in the mail so I had to go buy it…after calling DHL and discussing with the nice lady how “ships in 24 hours” cannot possibly mean 4 days.  Gave up and attempted to load the pilot training on my hp netbook- it has windows. After a lengthy conversation with a nice man from India, its not the right Windows software to run my new program.  I thought- ok I will just READ the book. Go old school. Nice try. My lovely cat Mackenzie vomited. all.over.the massive pilot training book. Needless to say it has taken a few days to wash and dry out.  So after 1 week and 3 days of trying to figure out how to learn how to fly at home I am currently at the same spot I was 10 days ago.  The lesson here? I have no idea.  So I sit here and drink Limoncello.

I did something working out at the gym. Something to my shoulder or scapula or some such part on my back. When I lift my right arm my back looks deformed, only on the right side. I blame the guy who made me rush. He obviously wanted to work out on the same machine. AND because I remember I had been mean to him in the past, yessss I can be grumpy at the gym, I decided to be NICE and hurry up. Well now I can’t lift my right arm with any degree of control, and With a fair amount of pain involved.  Im hoping this is fixable.  I fly tomorrow and my right arm is the only arm that controls the throttle, which is probably the most important part of flying…I’d venture to guess. But I haven’t read the book yet due to the vomit situation so what do I know? Really. So its been one of those weeks.

It is late. Im going to go eat some stew and contemplate writing a novel. Maybe listen to that song again. I don’t even like Limoncello.