It’s the little things.

I took off today. In an airplane. With no side-seat assist, not a finger.  And it was actually pretty. Not the drunken maneuver down the runway and up into the air it usually is.

Me and my Skyhawk at Franklin Field.

We blew two fuses today during my flight lesson.  We noticed this, because we are genuises, when our radios when out. Then our entire electrical panel. It sorta did this blinky on and off static-y kind of thing. I didn’t notice too much because I was busy trying to fly the plane, other than I couldn’t hear through my headset my instructor tell me things like how to really fly the plane.   Apparently you can push the fuses back in…Once. One time only. That’s all you get. So he did that quickly and radios were back! My instructor is magical like a wizard. Seriously. Then all went out again. SO that was our shot.

We landed…actually I tried to land. I really gotta wonder what my “landings” look like if there was a casual observer standing about. Im guessing somewhere between comical “omg who is flying that plane?” and horrific “omg that plane is going to crash!” Luckily we landed at tiny Franklin Field aka ghost town where students go to practice so they can only accidentally kill themselves.

My first thought “Cool! Let’s try landing at our towered airfield with no radios!” See they have to do a special signaling with a light-gun and its pretty rare.  But no dice. Instructor was worried this possible electrical short could cause a fire while we were in the air if we tried to fly. See, Instructors are useful for this kind of information.

So we drove.