Hodge Podge


Folks I am so close to my goal for Ave of the Giants Half Marathon! 83%!  Thank you to everyone, I still cannot believe I got here so fast.  To get me to that brass ring, my last $370, I am creating a wee competition. Wee because as you will soon see… the prize is kinda lame. BUT I know love conquers all, even lame prizes. Oh yes it does.

The last two people whose donation pushes me over or reaches my goal amount will win their very own purple TEAM bracelet!  Also if you cajole, beg, finagle someone Else to donate and Their donation pushes me over my goal amount- you too will win a bracelet!


We run our first 10 miler on March 12th. I’ve managed 8.5 but there’s something bout those double digits. It be a pretty big breakthrough. Any guesses how long it will take me?



Check out my new category- Bon Mot. Inspired by my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Finney.  Every so often I’ll post something that is currently making an impression on me and my life.


Garth Brooks in Vegas. Go people. Go.

4 rows from the spit and the sweat