a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step… and keeps going forever. Or something like that.

Today I ran the farthest I have ever ran..in my entire life. Well, in my entire life in one go.  Ready? 5.4 miles. In the rain no less.  I know, I know not super astounding.  But astounding to me at least… and apparently astounding to my knee.

So I am officially on my way to 13.1, half marathon nirvana here I come.  As I was bopping down the trail today I was thinking: So in a marathon they say there is the “dreaded mile 20” where, from what I can gather, your body basically stops functioning and you want to lay down and die. Literally. “The Wall” marathoner’s call it.  As I ponder what this might feel like, since running just a few miles  makes me sorta feel kinda similar, I wonder on the enormity of that.

My first thought is relief as I am not of the sort that wishes to run anything close to 26.2 miles unless say being chased by zombies during end of times scenario. However first thought is quickly followed by thought #2: is there A Wall in a half marathon?! and if so Where?!  Anyone? Maybe this is something no one Tells you, but everyone already Knows.

All cowardly instincts aside I am actually running for cancer.  I joined Team in Training: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in November. They train people to run or walk or jog or whatever combo we so choose, and successfully complete races all the while raising money for a fantastic cause. Curing blood cancers.

I originally hoped to compete in the triathlon event but I went and hurt my shoulder so I thought, “Well. I can run.”

This idea has been on my list for awhile and then mom passed away.  I sat in that first group meeting hearing people talk about how cancer has touched their lives.  A few told stories of their children who met leukemia.  All were stories of triumph, even if it took a life, a great battle was fought. It was fought because we ran for miles and begged for money and sent it to scientists who searched for cures.

I cannot tell you how right it felt to sit in that room with that group of people.  I am running for mom. But just maybe along the way I can help someone else too.

So please all of you who are kind enough to read my words check out my training webpage: Kate\’s Training and if you have a minute please consider a donation to the cause.  It would be for me, for my mom… and for my astounded knee, because well… I can run.


Mom & my baby cousin